A Note from the Clerk

In my daily devotional there was a story about a group of neighborhood boys who loved to
play football. Every day after school they would leave the worries of school behind and run to
the playground for their game. One of the kids had a dad who had a great arm and had a great
passion for football. As soon as he would pull into the driveway the boys would start yelling for
him to come and join the game. Loving the game the way he did he couldn’t resist. The dad
would ask “Who’s losing?” and would immediately join that team. He wanted to keep things fair.
His presence in the huddle changed the whole game. He brought confidence, strength, and a
good plan to the game. The boys would circle around him and listen intently while he told them
what they were to do. His words became the focus of the team. The other team was anxious
because they knew the side he joined now had a new leader, a new plan, a new focus. He
brought new life to that team.

God does the same thing for us. We often need a new plan, a new way of approaching our
lives. We need a new leader, someone with confidence, strength, and passion. When we make
God the focus of our new plan and listen intently to His word things just start to click. As the
transition team continues its search for a transitional minister we must allow God to be the
focus, to be at the center of our decision making. We must use the confidence, strength and
passion He brings to the “huddle” to guide us towards the best person to lead our church family.
Heavenly Father, please continue to be at the center of our search. Guide us with confidence,
strength, and passion as we search for the very best minister for our church family. Amen.


Margaret King, Clerk