Caught in the Acts!

Dear Friends,
Grace and peace to you! Thank you to all who joined the Mission Study Team for lunch and conversation on May 23rd. We are grateful for your participation as the team continues to discern God’s direction for FPC.
In June we will begin a worship series on the Acts of the Apostles. Acts is written by Luke. Where in Luke’s Gospel we read of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, in Acts, we learn how the Church came to life and continues the work that Christ began. In Acts, God sends Gospel into motion. The Risen Christ accompanies the church. Gifted by the Spirit, apostles preach, teach, heal, baptize, and witness God’s expanding inclusivity and grace.
While at first, the church is painted as a nearly perfect group of people, we soon come across their humanity, foibles and all. Acts helps us imagine that early community of believers. It includes harmony and dissonance, unity and division, sharing and withholding, wilderness roads and riverside chats, jailbreaks and shipwreck, and even someone falling asleep during a sermon! All the while, the word of God moves into the world. The Apostles’ response might be, “The Spirit led us to it. In Jesus’ name we’ll do it. God will see us through it. So be it, Amen!”
I first read Acts as an older teenager and couldn’t put the book down. It read like a novel. I encourage you to open it up and take a look this summer! You will get to know the Church a little bit better!

See you in worship!
In Christ,
Pastor Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer,
Transitional Pastor