Changing and Growing

Dear friends,
By now you may have received a mailing from me letting you know I have accepted a new call as an installed pastor to Circleville Presbyterian Church, in Circleville, Ohio. One of the hardest parts of Transitional Ministry for me is the short-term comings and goings to and from churches. It seems we just get to know each other and build relationships and then suddenly they come to an end.  One of the best parts of Transitional Ministry is I get to meet so many more people and hear the stories of their walk with God!  I cherish the times we have shared together.  You have enriched my life and faith.
The church I will be serving is one that I’ve held close to my heart ever since I served as their Director of Christian Education for three years back in 1985-1988. I never, ever expected I would return as their pastor.  God has a funny way of keeping us connected.  On the evening that the PNC extended the call, they invited my husband Chris to Zoom with us.  Chris said to them, “You know, Nancy isn’t the same person she was 30-plus years ago.”  The committee chairperson replied, “Well, we should hope not!”  Then another member of the PNC quipped back, “The church isn’t the same, either!”
It was a good sign to know that we welcome the growth on both sides.  I rejoice in the ways I have developed as a person, as a pastor over the years, and I am glad to know that the Circleville congregation has been learning and growing, too! I look forward to discovering those changes and transformations as I begin there in July.  It makes me wonder about FPC, Lexington.  How would you describe your growth over the years?  It’s not really a “numbers” question, but a “discipleship” kind of question.  My hope is that you all will consider how God and the years of ministry (nearly 200!) together have shaped both your congregation and you as individuals who are beloved children of God.  That could be a wonderful conversation-starter for when you meet your new pastor!
My last Sunday with you is June 12th, and my last day in the office is June 16th.  Please hold me in your prayers, as I will hold you, as we move through this next season of transition.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Nancy
Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer
Pastor Nancy’s last Sunday with us will be June 12. Following the worship service, we will have time on the front lawn for the church family to say their good-byes and give their well-wishes to Pastor Nancy. Please plan to join us.