Gifts and Service

Dear Friends,
What an incredible kickoff Sunday on the 13th! It was good to see our church family gathered in celebration and praise. There was so much joy and energy. Thank you to the Christian Education Ministry Team and all the volunteers for a great breakfast and fellowship time. Thanks to the Gathering Band and choir for their musical leadership, too. I look forward to the start up of Sunday school classes and our two-service schedule on the 19th.
As you return, you may notice a few staff changes. First of all, Karen Carrickhoff, our wonderful Interim Director of Christian Education and Formation, has stepped down in her official role. This has been planned since winter, and we are grateful for the many extra months she gave us after completing her initial 6-month commitment. Karen will be a Sunday school teacher this fall, so she isn’t going far. A search team is working to call a new educator to our church.
We have appreciated JoAnn Hill and Celia Stalvey as our pianist and organist, respectively, for the month of September. They are helping us out following the departure of Matthew Cates. The Worship Ministry Team is working on finding an interim organist so they can begin the search for a new permanent person.
Finally, many of you know that Jack Harman resigned as our Director of Contemporary Music at the end of August. We are so grateful for his ministry, especially with the Crossroads contemporary service from its very beginning. He has sung the faith and led the Gathering Band and this congregation in worship for a number of years, and we wish him God’s blessing in his next venture. Shelley Jennings, our Director of Music, has graciously agreed to step in to provide leadership for the Gathering Band and the early service. We are still in good hands!
While it may seem like a lot of change, the Session is working hard behind the scenes to provide for the spiritual life and growth of our congregation. We know that there may be a few holes as we move forward, and so we need you to step in to help. The Stewardship Ministry Team will be sending you a Time & Talent Commitment form early next week. This is an opportunity for you to say, Here I am. Call me! Please look it over, prayerfully consider how God may use you this year, fill it out, and bring it back to the church by October 3rd.
Our newly approved Vision Statement is
First Presbyterian Church
is the body of Christ
connected by our Spirit-given gifts,
serving with God’s love,
and transforming the
Lexington Community
by meeting physical and spiritual needs.
Let this year be one where we each acknowledge our Spirit-given gifts, encourage those gifts in others, and commit to using them in service to God through the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer,
Transitional Pastor