God Comes….

As we consider the witness of the Bible, we see that God comes to God’s people in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Moses was tending sheep when he met God in a burning bush. Samuel was asleep when he heard the voice of God call out his name. The shepherds preparing for a night’s rest when they heard from God in the song of the angels. And of course, God came to the world in the person of a helpless baby in the most humble of circumstances.

We come to church to be closer to God, and through our worship of God in the sanctuary gathered with fellow believers we do feel closer. Yet God is never constrained by our expectations for where we expect to meet God. Our God will meet us wherever and whenever God chooses to meet us. God may meet us in the wonder of a child, or in the holy moment of worship, or in the visit of an unexpected guest, or even in the outstretched hand of a beggar.

One clear message of Christmas is that God will come when God will come; and one thing that we can be sure of is that we will be surprised. So this Advent, watch and wait…for God is coming to meet you when you least expect it!

My family and I wish each of you a very blessed and holy Christmas!

Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee

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