God Meets Us

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!
One of the lessons we learn from the Christmas story is that God will be revealed where God wants to be revealed, and many times that will be where we least expect it.
Ask Elijah. He had run away from those who were seeking his life and had taken refuge in a cave when God came to him in a “still quiet voice.”
Ask Moses. He was busy shepherding his sheep when God came to him in a burning bush.

Ask Paul. He was on the road to Damascus with plans to round up Christians when Jesus met him on that road with a blinding light.
We make a point to come to church during the Advent / Christmas season in order to be closer to God. We have choir cantatas, children’s pageants, and candlelight services to help create an atmosphere where we can experience God and the warmth of Christian fellowship. And this is all good! I surely love all of our traditions and Christmas events.
But let us remember that God is not limited to our humanly crafted experiences. God will come to us where God chooses to come to us; and sometimes, the places where God will meet us will be surprising to us. Who would have thought that the savior of the world would have been born in a stable and placed in a manger in a small town in Bethlehem? Yet, he was!
So while we may experience the presence of God in all of our church services and activities this year, let us not forget to open our eyes to the ways that God will be revealed in the unexpected places out on the roads of our lives. Perhaps God will come to you in a kind word of a stranger, or a phone call from an old friend, or the smile of a child. It may be subtle, so be looking!
I wish you all a blessed and happy Advent!
Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee