Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter morning together. Thank you for helping to make it a full celebration. After two solid days of steady rain, the blue morning sky and the sunshine coming in through the church windows added to the brightness of the day. It felt like the spring morning offered its own hymn of praise for the news of the day.
Thank you for adding lilies to the celebration also. We had forty-two of them around the building. Susanne reminded me that the shape of the flower is like a trumpet, so even as Ed and Ben were playing trumpet and trombone, the lilies were announcing their Hallelujahs, too. All the songs of the morning were about God’s triumph in Jesus and filled the church with joy.
I am thankful to have shared my first Easter with all of you. You are faithful and you care about the work God is doing in us and through us. At the center of that work is the story of Good Friday and Easter. It tells us who we are and who God is. And last Sunday morning we came together to hear it again. I want to keep hearing that story of the women going to the tomb and finding it empty, because it means God can turn any ending into a new beginning. What ending is God about to turn into a new beginning in your life?
What new beginnings awaits the church in the work God has for us in the months ahead?
Together in the Risen Christ,