I Miss Singing – A Note from the Clerk

Greetings Friends.

I miss singing! It is such a big part of our worship experience. Some of my best memories are of
Sunday night services at First Methodist next door with my Dad. He would stand me up in the
pew beside him and we would sing good old hymns out of the Cokesbury hymnal. My Dad
would also turn on the TV on Sunday mornings to the station that played gospel music. It played
throughout the house while we were getting ready for church. The music tells all kinds of stories
that we all love to hear….stories of love, joy, sadness, friendship, Easter, Christmas, etc. It is
just another way to share God’s word with the people of the church.

We are so fortunate to have some very talented people who make it possible for us to have
music in our worship services. Even in this time of COVID when we cannot safely sing for fear
of spreading the “super bug” (my granddaughter’s phrase) we still have had some beautiful
music to lift our spirits and warm our hearts during worship these past months. Connie Burleson
has provided us with glorious preludes and postludes. She spends many hours practicing these
selections to perfection. John Rawlings is right when he says she performed “another flawless
performance’. Shelley Jennings is the “fearless leader” of the Chancel Choir and the Welborn
Bells, and she has put together a variety of special music to enhance our worship each week. Rehearsals
were held and sound checks done in order to provide us with beautiful music each week. I look
forward to the time when I can gather with my choir family on Wednesday nights to prepare an
anthem for morning worship. A labor of love.
Finally, Jack Harman leads our contemporary music ministry. We are fortunate to have a Praise Band full of talented musicians who share their music during the early service. They present these selections, many of which are not familiar to everyone, in a way that gets everybody moving with the spirit.
We may not be able to sing together as a congregation or choir but the music is still there. I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music. Thank you to those who make it possible. 

We are blessed….

Margaret King