First Presbyterian was instrumental in the formation of several community outreach programs in Lexington, among them: Meals on Wheels, Crisis Ministry of Davidson County (formerly Ecumenical Social Ministry), and the Family Life Center of Lexington.
First Presbyterian, in cooperation with Barium Springs Home for Children, entered into a financial agreement to begin the Family Life Center of Lexington in September, 1975. The Family Life Center ministers to the needs of those in our community, helping families heal.
Meals on Wheels is now an ecumenically-supported and directed ministry. First Presbyterian Church proudly supports their efforts with monetary donations as part of our plan of benevolent giving, and several members of our congregation volunteer by delivering meals.
The Davidson County First Hope Ministries, formerly known as Crisis Ministry of Davidson County, and  known as Ecumenical Social Ministry prior to that, is another vehicle of community ministry that First Presbyterian supports through its benevolent giving. Their offices were once housed in the facilities of our church. As the ministry and its support grew, the Crisis Ministry was able to construct a building of its own to house its offices, food pantry, and shelter, eventually expanding their facility to include a family shelter.
Our church receives the 2 Cents A Meal offering on a monthly basis. A portion of these monies are used by Salem Presbytery to fund domestic Hunger Action Grants.  Their aim in bestowing these grants is: “To address hunger-related problems through provision of direct food relief or development assistance in ways which reflect an understanding of the root causes of hunger and uphold the integrity of God’s creation.”