Mission Study and Next Steps

Dear Friends,
I am excited to report that the Mission Study Report is completed and now in the hands of the Session for review. The Mission Study Team, composed of Beverly Black (chair), Bill Bryan, Carol Fortune, David Hiller, Ann Kiefer, and Emily Orman, has worked hard over the past seven months. They have learned much about this congregation, your history, your future hopes. Imagine taking 200 years of mission and ministry, the comments and opinions of 309 members, plus information about the local community and then mixing it all together! They have listened for the Holy Spirit’s voice in discerning God’s direction for this congregation in moving forward. No small feat! They have worked so well together, and I marvel at their dedication and drive in completing this huge task.
The Session will discuss the Mission Study Report at their regularly scheduled meeting on August 15. If it is approved, the report will then be sent to the Transitions in Ministry Task Force of Salem Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry for their approval. This happens to be a presbytery team I co-moderate, so I know the process well! That task force meets late August.
I look forward to sharing the report with the congregation once it is approved. I think you will find it a faithful representation of your church. It also offers some challenges for you to address as you step into the next season of congregational life and ministry and prepare for a new pastor.
In the meantime, I hope you will find a way to offer your personal thanks to the Mission Study Team members for their time, efforts, and commitment to this transitional process between pastors.
I am grateful to serve alongside you!
In Christ,
Pastor Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer,
Transitional Pastor