New Officers Elected

At our Congregational Meeting on May 1, the congregation elected the following slate of officers:
Class of 2024 – Karen Carrickhoff, Katie Kennedy, Amy McNeill, Bill McMurray, Walt Rouse, Celia Stalvey, Jennifer Turlington, Ken Vander Schaaf, and Justin Wheeles.
Class of 2023 (to fill two unexpired terms) – Meredith Andrews and Jim Beall Graham.

The congregation also elected the following as at-large members of the 2022-2023 Nominating Committee: Margaret King, Rebecca Sullivan, Birke McNeill, and Mike Kiefer.
Many thanks to the 2021-2022 Nominating Committee for their diligent work, and to all of the above folks for their commitment, dedication, and willingness to serve.