News & Notes

Dear Friends,
I have been with you nearly a year, now, and I have to say how marvelous it is to welcome people to all the in-person worship, learning, and fellowship activities your church offers. We have had a great startup to the Fall. It was wonderful to begin Crossroads Contemporary Service at 9:00 on September 19th. Worshipers seemed so happy to be back in this service. The 11:00 service had good participation as well, and we are glad to have our choir back to lead us in song. Sunday school is also moving right along. It’s not too late to join a class at 10:00!
Earlier this month I wrote about some staff departures that occurred at the end of August. This week, I am so happy to tell you that Session approved the hiring of two new interim staff members! The first one, Ann Kiefer, is no stranger to us. Ann is a member here and most recently served on the Mission Study Team. Having read through all those survey results and helping to analyze the mountains of information the team researched and received from the congregation, Ann is well aware of the strength of our Christian Education ministry for children and youth. She is excited and energized to build upon our strengths and encourage deeper study in Sunday school, and more participation of children and youth in worship. We are so happy she has offered to serve as Interim Director of Christian Education in this important time. Do note that Ann has a full-time job during the day, so she will not have “office hours” at the church. If you need to connect with her, please use her email or phone, which are found in the church directory.
Our second new staff member, Stan Grady, will begin as Interim Organist on October 1st. Stan is an experienced church musician and teacher. He worked at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church for many years until he retired. We are so grateful he is willing to come out of retirement and commit to weekly worship here with us as we begin our search for a new organist. Please take time to welcome him this coming month.

The Nominating Committee is also underway to nominate a Pastor Nominating Committee. This is a great sign that we are moving forward through this transition. Be in prayer as they discern whom the Spirit might be calling for this important task.
Finally, just a note about how you can reach me now that fall is underway. I am usually in Lexington on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I ordinarily work on my sermon from home on Fridays. Wednesday continues to be my day off. Since I have a number of evening meetings, I usually arrive to the office late morning or first thing in the afternoon and then work until meetings are done at night. Even though I am not always in the church office, I often use morning time to return emails and messages as well as do some reading and sermon preparation. With my 80-mile round-trip commute, it doesn’t make sense to go home and come back for evening meetings.
This is very flexible though, as my schedule is constantly changing and adapting to attend to whatever comes up throughout the week. If you would like a visit or wish to meet with me, it is best to schedule it since more things are happening in person now and may take me out of the office. You can contact me at 708-642-2742 for talk/text, and my email is If earlier morning is a better time for you, I can certainly make that happen! I enjoy hearing your stories and learning about this congregation so don’t hesitate to connect.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer,
Transitional Pastor