First Presbyterian is a member of the Presbyterian Church (United States of America), often abbreviated as PC(USA).
The word “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word “presbuteros,” which means “elder.” The Old Testament shows us that tribes selected elders to lead them. In the New Testament examples of the church, the term is descriptive of the overseers of the local church congregation.
A Presbyterian church is led by elders. These elders are elected by the congregation. Authority rests with these elected representatives of the congregation in the church courts.
At the lowest level of the structure of the Presbyterian church is the leadership group known as the Session. Each Presbyterian church has its own Session, comprised of the church’s pastor(s), as well as church members elected by the congregation to serve as elders. Each congregation decides how many Session members it needs, and both men and women are eligible to serve. The Session oversees the day-to-day activities of the church.
Other Presbyterian church bodies are, in rank from lowest to highest: the Presbytery, the Synod, and the General Assembly. You can find out more about Presbyterian Church Structure by visiting the web site of the PCUSA.


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