Our Prayer Time

We encourage you to join your church family in praying the following prayer each day of the week for the week indicated. Suggested prayers will be focused on specific endeavors that we are undertaking as a church, prayers for our community or nation, or prayers concerning world events.
Prayer Focus for the Week of September 3
  Heavenly Father, we give You thanks and praise for our Preschool staff. They have worked hard making preparations for the year to come. We ask that Your Holy Spirit would be present in our classrooms as the school year begins, surrounding students, teachers, and parents with peace and removing any anxiety. We ask that You would let that sense of peace and ease continue throughout the year, helping little ones as they navigate separation from their parents, and helping parents as their young ones take on a new adventure. Help our students to learn with joy, wonder, and excitement. Energize and invigorate our teachers, and let our Preschool be a place of peace and safety for both students and staff. In Jesus’ name, we pray with thanks. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of September 10
God of New Beginnings, we thank You for the privilege to worship freely both in Your house and outside it. As we begin this new church year, please reinvigorate us, renew us, and refresh us so that we may continue serving You with joy and enthusiasm. Help us to build our church family into a strong family that follows where You lead with holy boldness. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of September 17
   Heavenly Father, we thank You for our Music Ministry. Music is a part of how we express our worship of You, and we are grateful to each individual for their leadership and hard work in being part of our Chancel Choir, Welborn Bell Choir, Junior Praise Band, and adult Praise  Band. Bless them, refresh them, and renew their spirits daily as they seek to serve You. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of September 24
   Omnipotent God, You have given us two ears with which to hear and one mouth with which to speak. Help us to listen more than we talk, and especially help us to listen for Your voice and Your leading. Thank You for Your guidance day by day. With thankful hearts, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of October 1
   Holy God, Giver of peace, Author of truth, we live in a society that is divided against itself. Instead of living in harmony, we live in discord. Instead of working together for the greater good, many put their own agendas and personal gain ahead of all else. Forgive us, Lord, when we don’t do enough to right injustice or when we don’t speak out enough against what is evil. Heal us and heal our nation. Drive out the spirit of division that has risen among us, and let your Holy Spirit of peace and love rule and reign in our hearts and in our land once more. Work in us a desire for reconciliation, so that, putting aside personal grievances, we may go about your business with a single mind, devoted to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of October 8
   Father-God, so often we try to run ahead of You or move forward on our own. We forget that Your eyes see so many things that ours do not, and that we need Your strength and power. Help us to wait on You. Let us never grow weary of seeking Your will, listening for Your voice, and waiting patiently for Your timing. Empower us through Your Holy Spirit to be an obedient people. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray. Amen.