Our Prayer Time

We encourage you to join your church family in praying the following prayer each day of the week for the week indicated. Suggested prayers will be focused on specific endeavors that we are undertaking as a church, prayers for our community or nation, or prayers concerning world events.
Prayer Focus for the Week of July 25
Heavenly Father, what a comfort it is for us to know that nothing is beyond Your reach and nothing in this world is impossible for You! Yet, too often, we make plans without seeking Your input, and we lean to our own understanding instead of searching out Yours. Forgive us, Father, and help us to lean on, rely in, and confidently trust in You. Help us to seek You first – Your will, Your kingdom, and Your face – that we might be beacons of hope to all the world as they see You at work in and through us. It is in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that we pray. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of August 1
Gracious God, we enter this final month of summer with many things on our minds. Some of us are trying to squeeze in our last bit of summer vacation, others are preparing to return to school, and all of us are dealing with the day-to-day occurrences that are part of our lives. May we never be so busy that we forget You, Lord, or put You on a back burner, or put You off until we have more time. To quote the hymn, “[We] need Thee every hour.” We need You in things both big and small. We need You everywhere and in every way. You are our life and our breath. We give You thanks and praise as we pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Prayer Focus for the Week of August 8
Almighty God, we still face much uncertainty as our children and youth prepare to return to school. We ask that You would be present daily in our schools, that You would make our schools places of peace for our children as they learn and grow. We ask that You would protect our children – from COVID, from negative influences, from anything that would lead them away from You. We ask that You would protect our teachers and staff, that You would keep them safe and renew their energy daily as they teach our children, helping them to be positive role models and influences for the children in their care. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
We are a loving community in Christ where we Call People to Faith, Develop them as Disciples, and Send them to Serve.