Swapping Pews

As you know, every summer we combine our two services into one because of the traveling schedules of so many of our people. We include elements of both services into the single combined service, just like we do on Fellowship Sundays once a month. The challenge we have faced is that there just is not a lot of room for the worship band up front. With microphones and wires and music stands, it can get cluttered and clogged.
As we have considered ways to address this challenge, we are going to try a temporary experiment this summer. With the approval of the Session, we are going to swap the front four pews on the lectern side with the four short pews. This will create an area off to the side where the musicians will set up and lead music from. The piano will remain where it normally is. Now that we have removed the old plastic chairs in the rear of the sanctuary, anyone who needs space for a wheel chair will be able to sit there.
This experiment will cost us nothing, allow us to have a clear chancel area, and accommodate the worship band. At the end of the summer we will gather input from the congregation and decide if we want to return the pews back to their original spots. It is our plan to have this done in by the first Sunday in July.
We thank you ahead of time for your understanding and willingness to try something that can enhance our worship experience this summer. We look forward to seeing you in worship this summer!
The Session.