The Gift of Snow

Last Wednesday everything came to a stop as the snow began to fall early in the morning and continued through 4 p.m. Schools were closed; business where closed; roads were hazardous; and the safest course of action was to stay home. I made stew, worked on my sermon, and spent a lot of time just looking out the window at the beautiful snow.

Every time we get a snow that shuts things down, I consider it a gift. We live in such a over-committed and busy world that being forced to stay put is a blessing. Sometimes it takes a major snow storm to relieve us of whatever pressure there is to be productive and active, so we can rest and just enjoy being present to those around us.

Another thing I like about when it snows is how snow covers everything uniformly. It makes my muddy back yard look as pretty as the front yard that has some grass. Concrete driveways, asphalt roads, piles of debris, and bushes all get a uniform and pristine layer of snow. For just a moment, everything is beautiful.

That’s how it is with Jesus. There is a lot of ugliness in this world. There are a lot of things in our lives that are like piles of debris. Sin stains much in us and around us, but Jesus covers it all. Because of his work of redemption on the cross, we are covered with the righteousness of Jesus. All God sees in us is the original beauty of His creation. Through Christ, everything is beautiful. This is the good news of our faith. We are loved, forgiven, and redeemed.

May each of you be covered by the grace and mercy of our Lord!

Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee